Shopping for One at Costco


It may seem excessive, for some one who has no family and only one mouth to feed to have a Costco membership, but it honestly is very economical. A Costco visit always requires self control to insure you only buy what you need and not what you want. My bill is usually between $50 - $100. 

Costco Shopping List

  • Pre-Washed Organic Baby Spinach - $3 for a huge box, I usually use half for salads and put the other half for smoothies
  • Bananas - $1.98 for a huge bundle, I let them get a little brown and then freeze them
  • Almond Milk - $8 for a case of 6, way cheaper than the grocery store
  • Frozen Fruit - $14 for a giant bag of frozen fruit that usually lasts me a month
  • Broccoli - $3 for a huge bag, what I don't use I wash and slice and then put in the freezer
  • Meat - This all depends on your preference. I usually try to alternate. The frozen chicken tends to be cheaper than the fresh chicken. Ground meats are also a good choice and easy to freeze. Costco has a good selection of organic options as well.
  • Brown Rice - $10 for a huge bag, however if storage is an issue, Quinoa is also available in smaller portions.
  • Nuts: They are usually $20 but you do get your money's worth
  • Pink Salt: $3, not only is it perfect for cooking, it comes with a grinder
  • Peanut Butter: $10 for two, and they even carry an organic kind! Great for smoothies. If you prefer, they also have almond butter
  • Coconut Oil: $20, this item is debatable if it is worth buying from Costco, if you catch a special at the grocery store, you can probably get it for a better price. Kirkland brand oil tends to be cheaper and a good find! 

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